Three Reasons All Companies Need A Uniform Email Signature

When communicating through email, your words and the look of your email convey a strong message. Customers, vendors and associates will undoubtedly judge your company by not only the content, but also the look of your email and your email signature. What are you conveying about your company with your email signature?

Here we offer three reasons all companies should broadcast a uniform email signature:

1) Convey A Professional Image
While it may seem cute to express your personality on your work emails with animations and colorful fonts, it’s simply not appropriate if you’re company is trying to project a professional image. It makes more sense for a company to have a simple, clean signature including the company logo. Not only does this communicate a higher level of legitimacy and professionalism to anyone who receives it, but it also provides instant brand recognition for your company.

2) Utilize Marketing Opportunities
Furthermore, every company has scheduled events, news to brag about and even new products to share with your customer base, why not use your outgoing emails to get the word out? By simply adding a note to your company’s established email signature, you can capitalize on the emails you and your employees send out every day. This creative way to increase your marketing reach costs nearly nothing, and is very easy to do with a centrally managed email signature solution.

3) Minimize legal, Confidentiality and Privacy Risks
Confidentiality, legal, and privacy email disclaimers are a common expectation in today’s digital based workplace. A uniform email signature provides companies the chance to add all necessary disclaimer information to all outgoing emails. Disclaimers protect your company, employees, customers and best interests.

Why risk undermining your professional image and legitimacy by not instituting a company-wide email signature? By simply adding a uniform email signature, any business owner can protect their business image as well as increase their marketing reach.

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