Exchange Signature & Disclaimer Software

Global & User-Based Email Disclaimers

Lennio Signatures for Exchange is email signature and disclaimer software for Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010 and  2007 and allows you to define global signatures or disclaimers that are added to every email, or to configure user-based disclaimers that are only added to emails from specified users, groups, domains or even LDAP queries.

User-Based Disclaimers

You can also configure exchange disclaimers to be added only to emails from specified users, groups or domains. You can even add a specific signature or disclaimer based on a user’s Active Directory attribute.

Condition-Based Email Disclaimers

You can add or suppress a particular email disclaimer depending on a condition. Some examples of conditions are a particular sender or recipient, the existence of an attachment or header, or a specific word in the subject or body. You can also set up internal codes in the subject field to trigger or suppress certain disclaimers. Lennio Signatures for Exchange will automatically remove the code before the message is sent.

Support for All Email Clients and Mobile Devices

Since Lennio Signatures for Exchange integrates with Exchange Server, email signatures can be added to emails sent from any email client or mobile device, including Outlook, Outlook Web App (OWA), iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more, without the need for any client installation.

Apply Different Internal and External Disclaimers

Lennio Signatures for Exchange can distinguish between internally and externally sent email messages, enabling you to add different disclaimers to each (requires Lennio Signatures for Exchange to be installed on Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007).

See Disclaimers and Signatures in Sent Items

Lennio Signatures for Exchange can automatically update a user’s Sent Items in Outlook to show the disclaimer and signature that was added. This has obvious advantages; you obtain proof that an email disclaimer was added, you can check the formatting of your email signature and your email archive will be legally correct. All this whilst still giving you the peace of mind that the disclaimer and signature cannot be edited or removed by users.

Merge Fields

By using Active Directory merge fields in the disclaimer or signature (such as user name, telephone number and email address), Lennio Signatures for Exchange can add individualized signatures and disclaimers. A useful preview tool lets you preview the user’s actual Active Directory information in the template. Message fields are also available, such as date, recipient email address and recipient name.

Different Disclaimer or Signature on Replies

Lennio Signatures for Exchange allows you to add a more extensive signature on your first email (for instance including your complete address) and then a shorter one on each following email (for example, only your name, company name and phone number).

Place Signature After Most Recent Text on Replies

With Lennio Signatures for Exchange you can place the signature or email disclaimer after the most recently entered message text on replies and forwarded messages. This avoids all the signatures being added to the bottom of the email.

Avoid Multiple Disclaimers

By searching messages for an existing disclaimer, Lennio Signatures for Exchange can avoid adding multiple disclaimers when replying or forwarding.

Formatted Disclaimers with Pictures and Tables

You can include pictures and tables in your disclaimers and email signatures. You can also apply formatting, such as font type, size, color, bold and underlining. For HTML disclaimers, you can edit the HTML source directly. You can also add a disclaimer as a plain text attachment to the message, instead of putting the disclaimer within the email message.

Add HTML signatures to mobile devices

All mobile phones send out emails in plain text format, which means that email signatures cannot contain any images or formatting for messages sent from mobile devices. With Lennio Signatures for Exchange you can convert those messages to html and ensure that all emails, even those sent in plain text and from mobile phones, include a professional html signature.

Email Branding

Lennio Signatures for Exchange allows you to format your outgoing emails using an HTML template, giving your email communications a professional look. Email branding is more than just pleasing to the eye; it improves readability and creates a new marketing opportunity. Lennio Signatures for Exchange ships with several sample templates.

Include sender’s avatar in email signature

To personalize your email signature you can include the sender’s avatar (thumbnail photo) in the email signature. This does not require you to upload each employees’ picture to Active Directory. Instead, employees can upload their pictures to, so that Lennio Signatures for Exchange can automatically insert the picture for the employee into the email signature. Since many other programs also make use of gravatar, such as CRM systems, help desks and support systems, the employee will only need to upload their picture once instead of separately for each program.

Include vCard as QR Code in email signature

Lennio Signatures for Exchange can insert the sender’s vCard in QR Code format. All the recipient needs to do is scan the QR Code with their mobile device and the sender’s contact details will be added to their contact list.

Support for Encrypted and Digitally Signed Emails

Lennio Signatures for Exchange can add or suppress disclaimers for PGP and S/MIME encrypted or digitally signed emails.

Attach a Business Card

Lennio Signatures for Exchange can automatically attach a vCard (Business Card) to outgoing mails to (new) recipients.

Auto Replies

Lennio Signatures for Exchange allows you to send auto replies for existing users and for employees who have left the company.

System Requirements

Cost-Effective Flexible User Licensing

With Lennio Signatures for Exchange, you only purchase licenses for the users who will use disclaimers. You are not forced to purchase licenses for all your users. If you require more users at a later stage, you can purchase additional user licenses.

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