Four Ways To Build Social Media Followers With Your Email Signature

Your company is active in the social media community and you regularly add new tweets and posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. You have included links to your social media pages on your company website. Now how can you get those people that matter to your company to be active in your social community? What better place to start with than the customers and suppliers that your company already communicates with every day?

Email signatures are a great way to build social media followers and increase customer loyalty. Here are four ways to accomplish this:

1. Include Links To Your Social Media Pages

By including social media links in your email signature, it is easy for your customers, suppliers and contacts to connect with your company in the social media community. The individuals that you are already in contact with are the ones that are most likely to be active social media participants.

2. Include Your Company’s Latest Blog Or Tweet

With an email signature solution you can automatically include your latest blog post or tweet in your email signature. In this way your customers are automatically kept up to date on any company news and you can increase your blog readership, likes and followers.

3. Invite Contacts To Interact With You

Are you running a Twitter competition? Include an invitation to join the competition in your email signature. Why not give your happy customers a way to express their satisfaction with your company’s service? Include a line in your email signature inviting them to share their experiences: Did we provide you with excellent service today? We would greatly appreciate a like on our Facebook page!

4. Include Links To LinkedIn Profiles And Bios

For some businesses it can be appropriate to include links to personal bios or LinkedIn profiles in the email signature. For instance a legal or accounting firm might wish to demonstrate the sender’s particular expertise and skills. For executives it can also be beneficial to include LinkedIn profile URLs in the email signature to encourage interaction and build connections. An email signature solution can help you automatically insert personalized links for selected senders.

How An Email Signature Management Solution Can Help
With an email signature management solution you can configure your email signatures centrally and ensure that all your social media links are included in each email. Since email signatures can be updated easily, you can include information about upcoming social media competitions and invite contacts to interact with you on certain topics. By inserting RSS into your email signature you can automatically include your latest blog post or tweet in each email signature.


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